Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Brazil 2016 - Butterflies of Brazil

ISSUE DATE: 20 October 2016
CIRCULATION:Minisheet with 6 stamps - 720 000
Sheet with 16 stamps - 320 000
STAMP SIZE:38 x 38 mm / 44 x 26 mm
PHOTO: Almir Almeida
STAMP DESIGN: Jamile Costa Sallum (16 stamps)
José Carlos Braga (6 stamps)

This issue highlights 22 butterfly species, grouped into two distinct prints. The Mini sheet consisting of six stamps, displayed on three doubles, focusing on one species of each of the six families selected for the composition. The butterflies appear to the center of each stamp, displaying colorful and beautiful wings, landing on sandy surfaces or foliage. In the green area, outside the set of stamps, we see the species hymenaea Episcada and the elements responsible for the metamorphosis of butterflies such as eggs, caterpillar and pupa. Each stamp has the MERCOSUR logo. 

In the Sheet with 16 stamps, the butterflies are exposed in 8 pairs, displayed at the center of each seal, landing on surfaces or foliage, with the wings open, in exuberant and colorful shapes. The species correspond to four families, selected from the variety of species found in the environment. In the green part, external to the set of stamps, the pupa, a stage of metamorphosis of butterflies is displayed. The stamps from the mini sheet and the sheet were developed from photographs.



Stamp images and description thanks to Correios

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