Monday, December 5, 2016

Czech Republic 2016 - Works of Art on Postage Stamps: Jaroslav Král

COUNTRY: Czech Republic
ISSUE DATE: 9 November 2016
STAMP SIZE: 50 x 40 mm
THEME: Two women (1929) by Jaroslav Král  

Painting: Two women, 1929 - The Gallery of Modern Art in Roudnice nad Labem. Jaroslav Král was born on 5 December 1883 in Malešov u Kutné Hory and died on 22 March 1942 in Auschwitz, Poland. He belongs to the leading Czech visual artists.

In 1901, he passed the entrance examination at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Department of Figural and Ornamental Drawing. In October 1904, he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts, Vojtěch Hynais Special School of Figural Painting. Following his graduation in 1908, he spent some time in Prague and in Písek where his father rented a farm. During his 1911 visit to the Pinakothek in Munich, he was deeply influenced by the classical works of great masters, such as Rubens, Rembrandt, Tiziano, Tiepolo. After his father’s death in 1916, the family moved to Brno into an apartment on Lužická street. 

Král drew caricatures for the Lidové noviny and Rovnost newspapers, worked as an assistant drawing teacher at the Czech-speaking grammar school in Brno (1917), painted portraits for some time, and made studies and drawings in preparation for future paintings (Lužánky, Svolšina, Královo Pole). Král was one of the founding members of the Visual Art Club Aleš (1919) and the Visual Art Group Brno (1922). He painted large figural compositions (Transition, Resting Family, 1919, Mother, 1921). In 1921, he was appointed a teaching assistant for figural drawing at the technical drawing department of the Technical University in Brno. Jaroslav Král created more than 500 distinctive paintings and a body of brilliant drawings. The seemingly simple formal devices and themes he applied helped him achieve a level of artistic quality that made him one of the legends of the Brno and Czech visual culture of the first half of the 20th century.


Stamp images and description thanks to Česká pošta