Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Brazil 2016 - 50 years of FGTS

ISSUE DATE: 13 September 2016
STAMP SIZE:25 x 35 mm

A worker's heritage and society. This way the Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço (FGTS) can be defined, whose insertion in the Brazilian life, 50 years ago, has contributed to the progress of population and national development.


The FGTS is one of the most important instruments of support for the social development of the Country. The management firm of the FGTS, by its Board of Trustees, made it possible for the Fund to fully play its role of strategic public instrument of compulsory savings and financing of public policies on sanitation, urban infrastructure and housing, in compliance with the purposes for which it was
instituted, on September 13th of 1966 by law 5.107/66.


So, nowadays, the deposited balance of the employee by the employer in their linked account of FGTS ensure indemnification warranty mainly in cases of unjustified dismissal, serious illness, death or for affording homeownership. The FGTS who develops the most decisive action in Brazil to promote and ensure the dignity and citizenship to Brazilian society, especially for low-income populations: means resources to produce and deliver housing, water and sanitation. Even people who aren't direct beneficiary of FGTS is awarded with its improvements.

In this way, the Guarantee Fund contributes decisively to the promotion of the economy in all regions of the country, becoming agent of progress in communities. Its features help to generate jobs, provide the reduction of social inequalities and to improve the life quality of the population.

With this issue, the Post office highlights the importance of this benefit, created to support the employee, offering them the opportunity to form a heritage, which can be withdrawn in retirement, at special times and in difficult situations, as rules that prioritize and ensure the rights and welfare of the beneficiaries of the FGTS.

authors: Deusdina dos Reis PereiraVInterim Vice President of Government Funds and Lotteries; Sérgio Antônio Gomes Interim Executive Director of the Executive Board of Government Funds


Stamp images and description thanks to Correios

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