Wednesday, January 11, 2017

TAAF 2016 - Fillod Metal Constructions

ISSUE DATE: 28 November 2016
STAMP THEME: Fillod de Crozet
STAMP SIZE: 40 X 52 mm (160 x 160 mm)
ENGRAVING: Nicolas Salagnac
STAMP DESIGN: Nicolas Salagnac

Fillod Ferdinand (1891 - 1956) was a French architect and designer. Sixty years ago, Ferdinand Fillod created and installed metal structures (the famous Fillods) on the islands of the French Southern and Antarctic Territories to house scientific expeditions. 

Fillod metal barracs invented and produced by his companies are huts like houses made of metal profiles and steel sheets. Fully modular in span of 1m, fast to assemble and disassemble was a perfect solution for temporary use in a specific place.

Nicolas Salagnac - engraver & medal maker "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" Lyon was entrusted with the engraving of two matrices for the TAAF Stamps.

See The Artist at work:

Photo of Base Dumont d'Urvillet thanks to Samuel Blanc
Engraving pictures and video thanks to Nicolas Salagnac
Stamp images thanks to La Poste

La Poste