Saturday, February 11, 2017

Poland 2017 - The World Day of the Sick

ISSUE DATE: 11 February 2017
 STAMP SIZE: 39.5 x 31.25 mm
THEME: Światowy Dzień Chorego
STAMP DESIGN: Karol Tabaka

The World Day of the Sick is a feast day of the Roman Catholic Church which was nstituted on May 13, 1992 by Pope John Paul II. Beginning on February 11, 1993, it is celebrated every year on the commemoration of Our Lady of Lourdes, for all believers seeks to be "a special time of prayer and sharing, of offering one's suffering".

Pope John Paul II had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease as early as 1991, an illness which was only disclosed later, and it is significant that he decided to create a World Day of the Sick only one year after his diagnosis. The Pope had written a great deal on the topic of suffering and believed that it was very much a salvific and redeeming process through Christ, as he indicated in his apostolic letter Salvifici Doloris.


Stamp images thanks to Poczta Polska

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