Thursday, March 23, 2017

UK 2017 - Windsor Castle

ISSUE DATE: 15 February 2017
 STAMP SIZE: 60 x 30 mm

Founded by William the Conqueror in around 1080, Windsor Castle is the oldest inhabited castle in the world, and The Queen’s home. The photographic celebration explores iconic views and some of the sumptuous interiors. 2017 also marks the 25th anniversary of the devastating fire, which was the spur to the extraordinary rebuilding and refurbishment that almost 1m visitors a year enjoy. The fire at Windsor broke out in the morning of 20 November 1992 and was finally extinguished fifteen hours later. 

The Long Walk
Laid out by Charles II in 1685, the Long Walk leads from the castle to the Great Park and covers a distance of three miles.

The Round Tower
This stone keep on the motte was begun by Henry I and rebuilt by Henry II. It now houses the Royal Archives.

The Norman Gate
The gate was created by Edward III as the main entrance to his new royal palace from the Lower Ward.

St George's Hall
Used for major state banquets and can seat up to 160 people, St George’s Hall was painstakingly restored following the 1992 fire, fortunately, much of the furnishings of the room were in storage as it was being rewired at the time.

The Queen's Ballroom
The Queen’s Ballroom was extensively remodelled by William IV, but retaining elements of Charles II decoration. The glass chandeliers are among the finest of their kind, commissioned by George III.

The Waterloo Chamber
The Waterloo Chamber was remodelled from a Charles II room, and contains fine wood carving from that period. George IV when Prince Regent conceived the room to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon and for an annual banquet on the anniversary of the battle of Waterloo. The room is used for the Queen’s lunch for the Knights of the Garter.

Stamp images and description thanks to Royal Mail