Monday, April 3, 2017

Austria 2017 - Young Art in Austria - Tobias Pils

ISSUE DATE: 3 March 2017
STAMP SIZE:30 x 40 mm

As part of the "Young Art in Austria" series, Austrian Post is presenting a painting by the Austrian artist Tobias Pils on a commemorative stamp. The work, "Untitled (autumn)", in mixed media on canvas, measures 202 by 152 centimetres and dates from the year 2016.

Tobias Pils was born in Linz in 1971 and now lives in Vienna. Between 1990 and 1994 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He has won the Otto Mauer Prize (1994) and the Anton Faistauer Prize for Painting (2011), among others. Since the start of the 1990s he has taken part in numerous exhibitions, with his works being shown at the Landesmuseum Linz (2003), the Vienna Secession (2013), Art Unlimited Art Basel (2016), the Chinati Foundation, Marfa (2016) and the Eva Presenhuber, Gisela Capitain and Capitain Petzel galleries among others. In 2017 Pils paintings will be on show at solo exhibitions in the Kunsthalle Krems, in the Josef Albers Museum in Bottrop or at Le Consortium in Dijon.

Tobias Pils pictures are paradoxes. Every artwork is at once process and product, gain and loss, imperviousness and transparency, plan and coincidence. We see lines, graphs and various types of textures, combined with mechanical and organic forms. Figuration is suggested, however a clear reading is hindered. What remain are set pieces and fragments that evoke arbitrary metaphorical connections. Just as interpretations go their own way - dependent upon the intuitive inspiration of the viewer - Tobias Pils painting process itself is also an exploration of the intuitive. Starting with one particular motif Pils is open to anything that might happen during the ensuing process, ideally creating images that are foreign even to him in the end. Pils forgoes chromatic colours and heightens his concentration by working exclusively in gray tones. These form an entity within his oeuvre and  generate unique and strange moods. Simultaneously, the reduced color palette refers to a conceptual approach similar to monochrome or purely gestural painting. (Source: Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne)

"With Pils's art, we are attending a filmic performance consisting entirely of segments of fade-out and fade-in, more blur than focus. The effect incapacitates our analytical powers while heightening and concentrating our emotional sensitivity." (Richard Schiff)


Stamp images and description thanks to Austrian Post - Österreichische Post
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