Thursday, May 11, 2017

Argentina 2017 - José Luis Cabezas

ISSUE DATE: December 2017
THEME:José Luis Cabezas
STAMP DESIGN: Correo Argentino

José Luis Cabezas was an Argentine news photographer and reporter who worked for Noticias, a leading local newsmagazine.

On 25 January 1997, Cabezas was murdered at Pinamar, Argentina's most exclusive beach resort on the Atlantic Ocean, visited by politicians, businessmen, actors, sports figures and other celebrities. Cabezas was kidnapped after being the first to make public photographs of Alfredo Yabrán , a postal service mogul. He was beaten, handcuffed, tortured, and taken to a pit in the countryside. There he was killed with two shots to the head. His body was placed inside a vehicle rented by Noticias, and burned. 

The murder occurred during the provincial government of Eduardo Duhalde in the Province of Buenos Aires, and was seen as a possible criminal message from the police in the province of Buenos Aires area to its management, "They threw a corpse at me" said shortly after the event the President Carlos Saul Menem, who had promised to clarify the case, but there was strong criticism of him by the way the research was carried out and because of his close links with Alfredo Yabrán himself.

It also happened just as the press in Argentina enjoyed the best public image. Noticias was and is still known for its exposures of allegedly corrupt individuals and institutions. The murder of Cabezas was viewed as an attack on independent journalism by those institutions. The media, journalist associations, human rights groups and many lay people took to the streets to ask for swift justice; there were marches, caravans of vehicles and trains, public rallies, all sorts of homages, photo expositions. A popular slogan, No se olviden de Cabezas ("Don't forget Cabezas") became the symbol for this need of justice and a warning for those unaware of the people's frustration with impunity.

Stamp images thanks to Correo Argentino

Correo Argentino